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Junk Journals


I began making Junk Journals in early 2021. Made from scrap paper and card, downloaded printable’s, fabrics, lace and many other found items. There are pockets with tags or notes, envelopes to hide your secrets in, tucks to keep your precious memories and little journal cards to record a note or two. Each one is unique, although I may make more than one in a theme, no two are the same.

Hand-crafted Bears


Hand-made Teddy Bears made using the highest quality mohair or plush fabric, cotter pin joints and glass eyes. Each one is hand stitched filled with best quality stuffing and lots of love and kisses to last a lifetime or two. They are collector items and therefore not suitable for children under 14 years old to play with but would look great on a shelf where they can keep and eye on everything until they grow up.


Machine Embroidery

Cute soft toys made from top quality materials. Each one is made on my embroidery
machine and finished by hand. They are safety tested and washable so are suitable for small children.

The range of coin purses are also made on my embroidery machine from 100% cotton fabric, felt and man-made fibres. They can be attached to a handbag or a jeans belt loop. Great for children and adults alike.


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