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About SilverStitches


It all started in 1995 with the birth of my first business Posset Bears.​


It soon developed into a small business. In the early days I bought second hand synthetic fur coats from charity shops, (they were only a few pounds each) took them apart and made teddy bears from them. I also bought fur off cuts and made smaller bears. The bears were sold at bear fairs around the country but mainly in the South of England until 2010 when I had to return to full time work.

I continued to make odd bears here and there and in 2014 with the birth of my first grandchild began to make more bears. I started with small bears that I could hand stitch in the evenings, developing patterns and styles.

I've since gone on to create a range of soft toys for children before embarking on my latest adventure - Junk Journals. I feel I've really found my place with these, creating themed journals with found and recycled papers to write notes and little pockets to hide secrets in



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